Team celebrating big win after doing the diamond quest on their team away day in Edinburgh with Great Away Day

The Diamond Quest

The Diamond Quest

Treat your team to something new and exciting with The Diamond Quest, which incorporates a mixture of mental, physical, skill and mystery challenges.

Work around the zones completing challenges collaboratively in your groups, with the aim of gaining enough points to grab a spot in the final Diamond Dome challenge.

This Team Away Day will leave your groups feeling excited, energised and rewarded. It will spark collaboration and competition and draw on a range of skills and abilities, perfect for your Team Away Day in Scotland!


“The Diamond Quest was great fun, we had a wonderful time. Each zone was fun and offered something different to the next. The whole team left saying how much fun they had. The staff were also great fun, safe and knew exactly what they were doing!”
Rebecca, Newburgh

“Our team throroughly enjoyed this activity. We went to the Edinburgh venue and done a Diamond Quest and finished off with a BBQ and beers. What a laugh we all had, shame I was on the loosing team!”
Emma, Glasgow