Four men all members of the same team doing a tug of war during a Mini Highland Games in Edinburgh at Great Away Days

Mini Highland Games

Mini Highland Games

Our version of the Mini Highland Games is a perfect way for you to celebrate your Away Day in Scotland.

Fun-filled competitions, instructors that boast the best banter and plenty of that renowned Highland hospitality – and all in the brawest of Scottish surroundings.

What will you be doing?

  • Tossing the Caber - For generations the Caber Toss has stood as an unrivalled spectacle amidst the Highland Games activities, now have the chance to toss your own!
  • Welly Wangin' - A fast paced and fun game in which competitors are challenged to toss wellies at targets for points! Accuracy counts in this one...
  • The Farmers Dash - Competitors must dash around the course without letting our weights slow them down, teams will go head to head for this one. 
  • Tyre Flip - Another of the 'heavy' events and as seen in the World's Strongest Man competitions, see how fast you can flip the tyre down the course!
  • The Haggis Malt Challenge - How cloely can you land your haggis to a bottle of whisky? Harder than it sounds...
  • Weight o'er Bar - A great test of strength and skill! Can you get your weight over the bar?
  • Puttin' the Stane - The traditional throwing activity which inspired the shot putt! Who can throw the furthest?
  • Hammer Throw - The last traditional 'Heavy' event, tossing the hammer takes skill and accuracy.
  • Tug o War - A great finale which gets all team members involved, skill and strength play an equal part as teams try to pull each other over the line in this classic Scottish event!
  • All rounded off with a bottle of whisky or bubbly for the winning clan!

Whether you're highly competitive or just fancy a classic Scottish event, our experienced instructors will be there to coach, encourage and help make your experience one to remember. You can also combine our best-selling Mini Highland Games with any of our other activities for an extended day of fun!


“Booking and paying were easy. It was well organised and the guys that took our 2 teams of 7 were good fun - all the events were different. A few sore muscles the next day, but would definitely recommend!”
Dawn, Fife

“A fantastic activity for a team away day, our group came to Edinburgh and were collected by coach and taken straight to the venue. The staff were great fun (but always safe) and the event was great value for money. Would recommend to anyone looking for something different on their away day!”
John, Dumfries & Galloway