Great Away Days Instructor showing a small team what to do on their Quad Biking course in Edinburgh

Quad Biking

Quad Biking

A brilliant way to maximise thrills and fun on your Away Day in Scotland...

Our recreational quad bikes are specially designed to allow you maximum fun on your activity  in the magnificent Scottish countryside. So get ready to experience the thrill of off-road quad bike trekking with Great Away Days!

After you've got to grips with the handling of the quad on our agility circuit, you'll be ready for your adventurous quad bike trek. Our technical Edinburgh venue has everything needed to kick your excitement levels up a gear. Feel the fresh Scottish air in your face as you ride through 50 acres of wooded estate with your friends.

There is a maximum limit of 105kg (16.5 stone) for quad trekking activities and a minimum age of 16 years old. Groups over 10 people will be in rotation, why not book another activity to fill the time?

If you think your team has what it takes and are more experienced quad bikers you could try our Extreme Quad Biking course! 


“Our team absolutely loved the Quad Biking! It was a great course and our insructor Olly was brilliant and adjusted the course to suit our range of abilities. We will definitely be back but to try the more extreme quad course next time!”
Ruth, Carlisle

“We had a fantastic afternoon doing Quad Biking, Archery & Air Rifles in Edinburgh. The intrustors were all knowledgable, safe and up for a laugh. We couldn't recommend Great Away Days enough.”
Richard, Dundee