Bring your own device treasure hunt at Great Away Days

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Let The Game Begin!

You’re about to embark on an exciting challenge taking you on a creative journey around your chosen location. As you use our app to navigate around the area, your aim is to visit as many ‘hotspots’ on the map as possible. GPS will automatically unlock tasks close by for you to complete in order to earn points in this competitive, fun and unique team activity.

Top Tips

  • Load the game on WIFI at least 24 hours before game time. Load the game on a spare device too (just in case the first device runs out of battery on the day).
  • Update Google Maps - If you are using an Android device make sure that you have the latest version of Google Maps installed (no need to do this for IOS)
  • Turn on data and GPS - During the game, players will need data to see the live scoreboard updated in real time, and the location of the other teams on the map

Recommended Devices - For the app to work on your device, it must be running on iOS v9.0 or above and Android v4.4 or above. For a full list of compatible devices please click here


We bought this as a way of keeping people busy during the afternoon and to give us a reason to get out an about around the town! It was easy to use and gave us a fun and competitive activity that was like a fun pub quiz on foot with the occasional stop for refreshments too!
Paul, Edinburgh

We were all impressed with the professionalism of the game and the ease with which it was run.
Stag Do, Edinburgh