Two guys doing tricks on Quads during Extreme Quad Biking in Edinburgh wit Great Away Days

Extreme Quad Biking

Extreme Quad Biking

Not for the faint-hearted!

Our Extreme Quad track will leave you feeling exhilarated - ensuring the maximum amount of thrills. Face a tougher terrain and more technical Quad track with extreme dips, corners, puddles and anything else that gets thrown at you!

Strap on your helmet because Great Away Days are taking you the extra mile, this track is designed for the more confident Quad Bike users. If you are looking for a Quad activity for everyone, why not try our normal Quad Bike course.

*There is a maximum limit of 105kp (16.5 stone) for all quad biking activities


"Now we've done quads before and it's usually been your typical 1km track with a few tricky corners. Well Great Away Days offer so much more. Great Yamaha 125 Grizzlys to tackle an advanced course through the woods with inclines, descents, rivers mud and some pretty tight gaps. Don't worry, the instructors tailor the route to abilities."
Chris, Bournemouth 

"The course was far better than I was expecting it to be, going through woodlands, fields, small track roads, even water in some points, it was varied and a big area of land. With an hour on the quads, you didn't feel like your time was short lived, but it was so much fun you'll still wish you could have an extra hour!"
Leyland, United Kingdom